It’s our pleasure to welcome you at Hascor International Group.

Your trusted source for Nitrogen Bearing Ferro Alloys & Metal powders.

Founded in 1993, our group has, in a few short years, earned an excellent reputation for performance & consistent, repeatable quality.

Our group is committed to reinvesting our profits to grow our product lines and to make Hascor the most efficient, responsive, customer oriented company of its kind anywhere. 

We have a clear agenda and belief: If we provide quality products and services to the customers we sell to, they will find reasons to buy from us again. We strive every day to make that our reality.

Our strategy is to supply any customer at any location worldwide no matter the size of its requirement. 

Our motto is that we supply any customer from 1 kg up to 100000 kg. any time, any place.

Our group has a worldwide presence through our company offices as well as our expansive network. 

We produce our materials under the ISO 9001-2008 certification approved by the quality department of Perry Johnson.

We constantly strive to innovate under every situation and constraint, to offer our customers innovative, “tailor made” solutions.

We welcome your inquiries and challenge to meet all your raw material needs.