Nitrogen division

Nitrocor S.A. de C.V. is a leading producer of Nitrogen bearing Ferro Alloys and Manganese alloy powders. The construction of the Nitrocor facility started in November 1995. Nitrocor is strategically located in Tampico, Tamaulipas, 35 miles away from Altamira, one of the largest sea ports of Mexico.


Hascor International Group was founded in 1993 by Mr. Hasmit Popat. Till date, the company still operates as a fully family owned business.

Hascor decided to invest in Mexico because of several economic advantages, NAFTA and the security of being able to compete on a long term basis because of lower operation costs and the presence of long term potential industrial growth for our group.

Nitrocor started its first industrial production in March 1996. The basic technology was imported from Brazil whereby our group purchased a small privately owned company involved since many years in the production of Nitrogen bearing MCFeMn. The Brazilian plant, a mini mill operation consisting of 2 furnaces was transferred to Mexico and from this starting point we added, updated and upgraded equipment, today, Nitrocor has in total 16 furnaces and has increased its capability to also produce Ferro Silicon Magnesium, Titanates, Briquetted Ferro Alloys in lump form and offers over 40 types of Ferro Alloy, Metal & Mineral powders for the Welding Electrode, Cored Wire and Hard Facing industry.

Nitrocor took the challenge to become the highest grade producer of Nitrogen bearing Ferro Alloys with a progressive creative approach and the will to find new solutions to old practices in the production of Nitrogen bearing Ferro Alloys. Besides N-McFeMn, today, Nitrocor also produces N-LcFeMn, N-MnMtl and N-LcFeCr.

Our professionals are primarily dedicated to the production and development of High Nitrogen bearing Ferro Alloys. Our aim is and will be, to reach higher & consistent Nitrogen levels in our products.

At the end, our clients are purchasing Nitrogen units and working together with the steel shop metallurgists our mutual aim should be: reducing costs and increasing yield and efficiency.

Technical & Metallurgical services

Our philosophy is to work hand in hand with the steel shops and to develop products upon their demand and their feedback.

We provide a free of charge metallurgical service for trial, follow up and development purposes.