Real estate division

Hascor Real Estate Inc based out of San Antonio & Houston, Texas is an active participant in the Texas & Florida Residential Real Estate Markets.

Our portfolio consists of a wide variety of residential real estate from a single home, condo's to multi residential complexes. Hascor Real Estate offers high class fully furnished condo's for families or executives visiting Houston for an extended period. We are known for our first class decoration, top locations and superb personalized service. Leasing a corporate condo from Hascor Real Estate will make you feel "home" away from your own home. Our team looks after each personal request making sure that you enjoy your extended stay in Houston, Orlando, Miami & Las Vegas.

Now also active in Panama City, Panama

Hascor Real Estate Inc can also consult you for investments in Panama City, Panama. With our extended network, we can guide you through the buying process, legal issues and provide options for the right financing to acquire Real Estate in Panama City, Panama. We also manage a portfolio of first class condominiums in Panama City which can be leased for a minimum period of 6 months.

Please contact us for our current listings or further information.

Debbie Vallejo
San Antonio