distribution division

Hascor, with offices, productionfacilities and warehousing strategically located in metalcenters around the world is producing, sourcing and distributing Rutile sand, Acid Grade Fluorspar, Titanates, special metal powders and many other to fullfill all your raw material needs.

Stocks are held at bonded warehouses in locations such as Rotterdam, Houston, Tampico, Baltimore, Chicago, Brownsville, Bangkok, Istanbul,  & Santiago to meet contracted deliverytimes.

Sizes and packing

All our materials can be supplied as per the industry standards in which we operate.l such as: Steel, Foundries, Welding, Cored Wire, Ceramics, Friction a few to mention. Every industry has its unique requirements. Hascor knows it's markets and equipped to meet the strict requirements.

The most common sizes are 10x50 mm or 10x100 mm for the steel-industry. For the cored wire industry we are sizing raw materials at 0-1.6 mm. We supply our products in a variety of packing options such as steeldrums, big bags, paperbags or even smaller units of 5 or 10 kgs. Our packing has standard labels with clear product identification to avoid any misunderstanding in the meltshop.


We contract and supply to your specific needs. All our raw materials are checked and analysed by first class independent laboratories.


A dynamic company, active all over the world.

Rocks, sand, ores and hidden assets...

 ... Fire refines the valued elements out of the raw.... 

... and casts it into useful material. Broken into required sizes for easy handling.

Finally it becomes a usefull product. To aid in the building of a dynamic new world.

We mean Solid Quality.